LoveCraft Asso

Beside our LoveCraft Studio professional activities, we’ve set up an association to allow beginners and experienced cosplayers to enjoy our workshop.

This will to share our workspace with costumes and accessories creators comes from the fact that we’ve progressed as hobbyist, worked at home and always dreamed of having a common space that is completely dedicated to creation.

Today, we have the opportunity to benefit other creators.

Joining the association will give you several benefits

  • A space that is dedicated to the creation, fully equipped with tools and that encourages exchanges and advices

  • Travel and exhibition opportunities for your work on festivals and conventions

  • Material grouped orders to reduce the cost of your costumes

  • Discounts on participating in initiation workshops to learn new things

  • Joint projects and a vibrant and dynamic community life with a group of happy fellows who will follow you in our shared passion

  • … and many other things, the association will evolve over time!

Of course, non-cosplayers who want to be involved in the association or just having a subsidiary activity around costume making (photographer, videographer, organization, etc …) are also welcome! This will enrich the association projects and the matching of talents.

A contribution will be requested for each member according to his workshop use. This contribution participate in rental and maintenance costs. (see details below)

Membership fees’ details

Membership fees have to be paid in one time for the whole year, with a pro-rata depending on your entrance into the association. The year has 11 months. December isn’t counted because of the workshop closure. Membership fees for the year start in January. Any workshop use require the presence of a responsible person and won’t be opened daily according to activities and travellings.


2per month
  • No use of the workshop
  • X
  • Benefits of the association


5per month
  • 2 uses of the workshop per month
  • X
  • Benefits of the association


8per month
  • 3 uses of the workshop per month
  • Priority on the Squid offer
  • Benefits of the association


20per month
  • Unlimited uses of the workshop
  • Priority on the Octopus offer
  • Benefits of the association

Each additional wokshop use need a participation of € 5 per person.
Warning: these formulas are strictly reserved for individuals and not for professionals.

What are the membership fees for?

Simply to make the workshop live and evolve. We must maintain the workshop and always ensure that the consumables stock is filled. We have to pay electricity, water and rent charges.
We can also invest in new furniture or tools, improve the comfort of the place to better welcome you.
And finally, this will allow the association to be able to absorb certain costs during trips if necessary.

For any additional questions, send us an email directly to

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