Costume, prop and set making is our main activity.

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Give your visitors unforgettable memories!

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One of our flagship activities is initiation workshop on costume design.

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LoveCraft Studio offers a turnkey solution!
Our contact network and organizational skills are at your service.
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Costumes, Props and Sets Making

Costume, Props and sets making are our main activity.

You can improve your projects and events with exclusive costumes and set elements.
All pieces are custom made according to your needs.

We give you advices and kindness during all the costume production steps.
Armor making, sewing, latex prosthesis, outsized projects, electronics, makeup …
Our fields of expertise and our many contacts allow us
to undertake any type of project, as crazy and ambitious as they are.

Costumes that you order may be worn by our teams on your event or delivered to you if it’s a custom order to your size.

Don’t miss the opportunity to stand out and impress with original and engaging content.



Give your visitors unforgettable memories!

Our massive and impressive costumes from popular licenses will be a great asset for your events.
We interact with the public. Both children and adults won’t be disappointed with this extraordinary meeting!
Photos, memories and share on social networks for maximum visibility.

You don’t have time to recruit cosplayers and staff and to manage them on your event?
Our team takes care of everything.
We take in charge the cosplayers casting, logistics, their planning and their well-being on your event.
Our experience in this field allows us to anticipate specific needs and constraints for each costume and group.
A turnkey formula that will save you a lot of time!

We also propose to expose our many creations and to exchange with your visitors!
Cosplay is an accessible activity that reaches an increasingly large audience.
We warmly welcome all aged visitors, often curious to know techniques used to build our costumes and accessories.

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Initiation Workshop on Costume Design

One of our flagship activities is initiation workshop on costume design.

On a format of 45 minutes minimum, we teach key steps in costume or accessory making.

We discuss techniques and basic materials used by our team.
Our workshops can be adapted for custom formats from very small groups to fifty participants.
We have enough qualified people in our team to lead and manage a significant number of participants.

We prepare patterns and precut pieces. We bring all material and equipment needed for the workshop.
We can also design custom accessories that are easy to assemble and from the universe of your choice!

This animation is accessible to both children and adults. It’s a real moment of connection, exchange and cooperation between members of the same family or friends.

We also do live workshops with influencers in front of a large audience.
An original way to entairtain while offering a convivial moment between your guests and your community!

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LoveCraft Studio offers you a turnkey formula!
Our contact network and organizational skills are at your service.

With our experience in event communication on behalf of large structures such as CD PROJEKT RED (The Witcher, Gwent), our team can advise you or even manage your communication before, during and after your event.
Our community & event managers as well that our graphic designers are at your disposal.

Our team sets up, manages and develop several events. We are able to organize and manage teams and schedules but also to help you to contact personalities and manage their arrival.
During our different missions, we’ve already collaborate with many quality stakeholders.

You can’t manage cosplay on your event by yourself?
We can organize cosplay animations and contests for you.
We can manage the cosplayers’ arrival and well being on your event thanks to an autonomous team which knows their needs and constraints.